We’re back!

We didn’t really go away… but the galaxy-creator decided to turn our sub-space communications-links into so much wet string, so we might as well have all been dead.

But now we’re back… with a new, hopefully-improved set of hardware, software, wetware, homewares, vapourware and menswear. Things can only get… well, more wary? Better, even?

Daddy won't you buy me a platinum ring?This is ware where it begins. Again. In our absence from here, we were not unbusy. We worked hard. We proved to the galaxy that our concepts were valid. We made it happen. We joined forces with several like-minded factions, but we’re still Teamsters, still real, still here. Still first.

What we do, works. And works well. We nailed it: LHS2936 Fraser Orbital’s call for Osmium. Our crews saved that place, topped the charts, brought home the bacon – and most of the Osmium too. Truly, this is a new era in teamwork.

We are the Teamsters. This is our team. The team is us… and maybe you, too.

Mining in a Sidewinder?

Sidewinder Mining“Don’t be daft. Everybody knows you can’t go mining in a Sidewinder. It doesn’t have enough internal compartments to carry all the kit you need to mine.”

Yeah, well that might be the accepted wisdom, but the Teamsters know different. We’re on the look-out for newcomers in Sideys and Haulers who are keen to make some easy credits and learn a bunch of new skills. We can show you how it is possible to mine with a Sidewinder and make far more income than you would from the Bulletin Board missions at your Pilot Federation rank level.

Just ask us how. Look out for CMDR TinyBigJacko or CMDR Pollycough next time you’re scudding around Eravate or the newbie systems. You’ll never need to hang around¬†waiting for decent missions again!